"Music is the longest and most exciting journey of my life"

I was born in Caracas Venezuela and started playing the guitar at a very early age, i think i was about to be 9. At that point we were living in a small town in Venezuela called San Felipe were i lived till i was 15 year old. I remember that i heard for the first time the "Guns & Roses" and of course i wanted to be Slash!

My parents we're artists; My Mom a contemporary dancer and my Dad an actor and a singer, so i remember as a kid to listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pat Metheny, Beatles and rolling Stones.

Some Friends from school were into music too. 2 brothers were guitarists, one lead and the other rhythm and they were amazing! (They still are) another friend of us was a drummer and they needed a bass player/ Lead singer to form a band and i joined! So i put the guitar on a side for a while and got on with the bass. I got into the conservatory to study music and Double bass and started my music carrier. At this point we were around 12 year old and we had a very successful band doing covers of Metallica, we were actually really good at it and we became famous for being the kids who play like Metallica.

Then I formed my first band with 2 girls singing, a drummer, me on the bass, a guitarist and a keyboard player and we got so many gigs! We were doing covers but we were so young ( and so good ) that everybody wanted us for weddings, birthday parties, clubs and many others. At that point i was 13 and i was making money with the music witch apart from the love of it made me take it even more seriously so i started composing my own music, took my guitar back and started studying classical guitar and learning all Jimi Hendrix solos and Slash solos and formed two other bands based on my own music.

At the same time a very well known folkloric band from Venezuela called "LUANGO" hired me as a bass player and i discover a whole universe of music that i wasn't aware of and on top of that i started touring with a serious and established band. I recorded and album with them, and "Simon Diaz" ( The biggest and most well known Venezuelan composer ) and "Cecilia Todd" participated and i got to work with them.

I moved to Spain at my 19 year old and enrolled myself in the "Aula de Musics" in Barcelona that was a branch from Berklee school of music, and after that i studied at the "Taller de Musics" also in Barcelona. By then i was already interested in Jazz but from that point i really discover it. Then i formed my first Jazz trio and started experimenting with all the resources i had at that point. I started to be aware of of my strengths as a guitarist and of my ability to go through styles easily.

I had a strong background in folkloric Afro-Venezuelan music that it's based on complicated rhythms and with a particular vocabulary that i learned as a kid and at the same time my mind was opening into the contemporary music and Jazz.So i decided to fuse all that knowledge and create something new from that, keeping my roots and expanding to to new frontiers. So i started a project called "PATARUCO" based on that.

I started to be a session guitarist for many bands of different styles with who i toured or recorded did live performances as well as produce and arrange some of they're music as: WONDERING by Gemma Abrie, GALGO, INTERPHONO, VERNEDA, MARISA ALFAIA, MARTINA, Mr DANGER and many others.I recorded my first album in 2010 with my teacher and very good friend from who i learned a lot "LUIS FERNANDO CARDENAS" called "DIALEGS" that means conversations. It's a guitar duo album exploring some of our favorite jazz standards released under "ALEPH AGUIAR & LUIS FERNANDO CARDENAS".

I remember coming to LONDON in 2005 for some gigs and feeling that this was the place i should be! The level of the music was so high.. and the city was vibrant and amazing. so after sorting myself out in SPAIN i decided to move to LONDON in 2012. In LONDON the doors opened to a world of incredible music and amazing musicians from all over the world so after 2 years i had formed my first sextet and i had already my project "PATARUCO" ready to be recorded.

For some luck i had the chance to go to ASIA, BEIJING and BANGKOK were i spend a year and at that time while i was playing gigs and meeting new and interesting musicians i enrolled on Berklee school of music online and did a course on Orchestration for films and TV.

Back in LONDON and charge with new ideas i put the wheels in motion and gather my band in the studio were we recorded PATARUCO! and create with my friend Javier Weyler our first agency for Film Scoring called BREAKINGWAVES.

And we arrive to the present moment! this year i've released a new album with a project called "MAKÙ" that is a really interestingproject with traditional folkloric Venezuelan instruments and have been working as session guitarist for many artist in LONDON and in EUROPE recording, producing and arranging such as: HEIDI VOGEL, BORDEL Q, ANDY WATTS, VILIJA MA, EMILIA MARTENSEN, ANGLLS, CARLO ROSSI & THE ORGANIC JAM and many more.